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What is the sequence for the chinese wedding tea ceremony, is the parents served tea first or the grandparents?

What exactly does all those phrases in the chinese wedding invitation mean? Learn to draft your own chinese wedding invitation!

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Auspicious dates for chinese wedding

Auspicious dates are required for three important chinese wedding events. Are you getting married in the dark?

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Timeline for the chinese wedding

He has proposed! You're going to get married! The timeline for the chinese wedding begins. Find out when to do what?

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Complete Wedding Guide for Your Chinese Wedding

5 things you need to know about Chinese Wedding traditions! On this site, you will find overview of Chinese Wedding customs, traditions and their significance.

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Chinese dowry

The list for the chinese dowry seems to get longer and longer; when will mum finish buying whatever she needed to give you? What is the baby bathtub and potty doing in your dowry?

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Need to buy chinese wedding dowry and chinese wedding pastry and cakes for betrothal? Find out where to go here.

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Chinese calendar- how to choose an auspicious wedding date

The chinese calendar- two ways to find an auspicious date.

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Chinese wedding tea ceremony

The chinese wedding tea ceremony- kneel or stand while serving tea, the order of service and other related etiquette.

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If you have any comments or request regarding this site, do contact me.

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Chinese wedding invitation

You really don't want any mistakes on your chinese wedding invitation. AND you are not sure what to amend using the wording from your friend's chinese wedding invitation? Read on...

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Addressing chinese wedding invitation envelopes can be intimidating if you do not know what is the proper chinese title for your paternal grandmother's sister's husband. Click to find out!

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The June to Dec 2009 auspicious chinese wedding dates extracted from the chinese calendar

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2008 auspicious chinese wedding dates extracted from the chinese calendar.

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Here's what the bride and grooms are saying about our website, on our testimonial page!

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Chinese wedding day program

The chinese wedding day program is a useful tool to ensure that your schedule and auspicious timings are observed. Include remarks for special items and unique tasks by various parties.

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Mid-autumn Chinese Wedding Banquet

A lantern parade, lantern riddles and mooncakes as wedding favors at your Mid-autumn Chinese Wedding banquet.

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Chinese Wedding Taboos You Should Know

Chinese wedding taboos you should know to ensure a blissful wedding.

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Fetch the bride

Fetch the bride, the groom's quest for the day. The challenges he must overcome before he can kiss the bride.

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Wedding veil or phoenix crown?

Are you wearing the wedding veil or phoenix crown at your chinese wedding ceremony?

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2007 auspicious chinese wedding dates

2007 auspicious chinese wedding dates extracted from the chinese calendar.

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Chinese wedding shoes customs

Don't take off your wedding shoes on your chinese wedding day! Read about wedding shoes in ancient China.

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Bridesmaids and bestmen

How many bridesmaids and bestmen is too many? Can your married friends be your bridesmaids?

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Chinese wedding games

What do chinese wedding games have to do with banana, cherries and raw egg?

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Chinese wedding ceremony

Traditional chinese wedding ceremony - heaven and earth shall witness your marriage.

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Betrothal for chinese wedding

Exchanging the betrothal gifts of 2 bottles of brandy for 2 bottles of orange syrup is a good deal for the groom. Why, because he gets to keep the bride, of course! :-)

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Find out which chinese horoscope you are born under using your year of birth.

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Chinese wedding invitations wording

So you are going to use the chinese wedding invitations wording from your friends' weddings but are not sure what to amend? Read on...

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Installing the chinese bridal bed

Installing the chinese bridal bed. What does children, chickens and lamps have to do with it? Bridal bed taboos you must know.

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Roast pig for the bride’s home visit

Is a roast pig needed for your wedding? Does anyone know what to do with it?

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Enter the groom's home

Will you enter the groom's home under his brother's pants?

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2006 auspicious wedding dates extracted from the chinese calendar.

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Wedding shoes customs in China

Read about wedding shoes customs in China. Why throw the wedding shoes under the bridal bed?

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Bride's home visit

Bride's home visit - when and what you need to bring and do.

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Betrothal jewellery

The teochew's betrothal jewellery is called four items of gold四点金. Is a pair of earring considered one or two items? Who gives the bride the jewellery? Groom's or bride's mother?

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Hair combing before chinese wedding

Hair combing ceremony, to comb or not to comb?

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Eating Rice at Siblings feast

Eating rice at four in the morning with all your siblings? Who thought of this wedding tradition?

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