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Ok, some are really people like me who simply enjoy chinese culture! Thank you for letting me know how you feel about this website.


14 January 2009

"Your website is a very good source for information about chinese wedding; a lot of information I could not find on other wedding websites.

This is Great! I really appreciate your help. Thank you very much for your suggestions.

Have a great day.
Tiff, Australia"

26 December 2008

"Hi, I'm preparing my wedding next year, so google and found this page.

Just thought of dropping a note to say, "I think you are doing a wonderful job!!!"

Will definitely be back here to check on stuff :)

Thank u!

22 December 2008

"Your website is very informative.

Now I understand what is "Bride's home visit" and the details of Chinese wedding customs. Most importantly, the rationale behind each custom/protocol.

My wedding day is coming soon and I am planning the day's activities. Your website certainly helps a lot.

Huei Huei"

21 June 2007

"Many thanks for providing so much important information on the wedding preparations!!

I have little knowledge on the chinese wedding customs & as I am the first in the family to married off, my mum has no idea on the traditional stuff too.

Cheryl, Singapore"

16 May 2007

"Hihi, thanks for the informative website, I really learn alot from here :)

Susan Ng, Singapore"

20 Nov 2006

"Your site has been a great help!!! Keep up the good work!

Brian, Singapore"

2 Nov 2006

"Hi, I really like to thank you for creating this website. It is really good and enriching for us who are getting married.

Alvin, Singapore"

8 Sep 06

"Thanks so much for your reponse and help. Appreciate it alot. I enjoy reading your site alot. Really helps alot...

Judy, Singapore

10 Aug 2006

"Definitely super informative for me. Thank God who guided me to this website. I knew nuts about the chinese wedding traditions but your website gave me a very good overview of what I need to do.

More importantly, my mother-in-law to be will be so impressed by me after doing all these homework!

This is awesome stuff!

James, Singapore"

2 Aug 2006

"Thank you for making the effort to help preserve our chinese culture. Few actually do so. Do let me know if I can help in anyway.

Kok Meng, Singapore"

19 Jun 2006

"This is a really informative website. It's been a great help for my coming wedding as I don't know much about Chinese wedding custom.

By the way, Ms Pay from Cheok Keuw Bridal wanted to thank you for recommending her shop on your website.

Jaraine Lim, Singapore"

26 May 2006

"Hi, I would like to say "Thank You So Much" for sharing your knowledge and research on the internet.

You have provided a good overview of the things that modern brides and grooms need to know, but often have difficulties confirming, even with relatives and friends.

I was originally worried that I would have to make do without a lot of traditional and cultural practices for my own wedding, because my mother passed away a few years back, and my mother-in-law is also rather 'lost'.

The information you have at the website will help us all navigate this tricky, yet oh-so-exciting, business of preparing for a wedding. Thank you so much again! I look forward to visiting the shops you mentioned. =) Thanks!

Roanne, Singapore."

19 May 2006

Your website is really useful and interesting. I almost spent 3 days to finish reading.

Ms Chua, bride-to-be, Singapore."

9 Jan 2006

"Hi, I like your website very much. It provides very useful and complete information to me.

I have some question to ask you for your opinion.

Win Ng, Singapore"

26 Nov 2005

"hi found your site very informative....can i use some of it in my blog ...??

Melvin Lee of prawnking"

19 Nov 2005

"Hi, I think your website is wonderful! It's very informative.

L. Chow, Canada"

18 Aug 2005

Terengganu Hokkien Huay Kuan 60th anniversary souvenir program

"Your articles on the chinese wedding guide are very well researched and written. A great job for Chinese communities. Could serve as reference for current and next generation Chinese.

I would like to seek your permission to publish in the souvenir program for Malaysian Terengganu Hokkien Association 60th anniversary dinner.

Lua Yik Hor,
Committee Member 2005-2008,
Terengganu Hokkien Huay Kuan,
Editor, The 60th annivesary souvenir program. "

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