Chinese wedding day program

Prepare it!

Prepare the chinese wedding day program based on discussions with the bride’s and groom’s parents. Include the wedding coordinator when finalizing the wedding day schedule.

Allow some buffer time in the schedule to allow for unforseen delays such as traffic jams, detours required or having to socialise longer at any of the stops.

Include important information such as:

  • Bride’s and groom’s home address and contact numbers,
  • contact numbers for helpers, including bridesmaids and bestmen, driver, photograpger, videographer, beautician, etc.,
  • contact numbers for other suppliers,and
  • any auspicious timing to observe.

Distribute it!

Distribute the chinese wedding day program to key persons such as the parents, the bride's and groom's siblings who are helping, and all the bridesmaids and bestmen.

Ask one of the bridesmaids or bestmen to be the wedding coordinator. The wedding coordinator will communicate with the various parties and ensure that timing on the schedule is observed.

How much power should you give the wedding coordinator?

Some couples may empower the coordinator to endorse variations to the schedule on the actual day due to unforseen circumstances.

Some may even let them decide on issues such as ordering additional crates of beer, wine, liqour, increasing or reducing number of banquet tables depending on the attendance, etc.

My cousin and brother-in-law were the wedding coordinators for my wedding. They were empowered to decide on all matters relating to the day's schedule and the wedding banquet.

During the rest period between the wedding ceremony and the wedding banquet, they were so exhausted they were totally zonked out, while my groom and I sneaked out for a tea break at the mall next to the hotel. :-P

Suggested chinese wedding day program:

5 amSibling Feast-
5.30 amHair & bridal makeup-
6.00am-Normal breakfast
6.45amPhotographer/ videographer to arrive.Bestmen/ brother’s troop to arrive.
  • decorate brothers’ car
  • distribute buttonelles.
7.00amBridesmaids/sisters’ troop to arrive.Back-up photographer/video-grapher to arrive.
Leave to fetch the bride.
  • red tray with raw meat (or canned pork legs), oranges, dried longan, red dates and lotus seeds.
  • gifts for bride and in-laws, if any.
7.20amParents to veil the bride.-
7.30amArrival at bride’s home-
7.30amFetch the bride activities:
  • bride’s younger brother to open car door for groom,
  • blocking the door,
  • morning tea and sweet soup,
  • lifting the veil,
  • leave for groom’s home.
Bride's younger brother to give 2 oranges to groom before opening car door.

Groom to give red packet to younger brother after opening car door.


  • tea set for tea ceremony,
  • gowns/ kwa for changing,
  • shoes/jewellery,
  • make-up.
8.30amEnter the groom’s home.
  • serve snacks and sweet soup.
Enter groom's home before 9 am.
9.15amOutdoor photo session/visit couple's new residence.-
10.30amTea ceremony

Delivery of roast pig.

Bridal car to pick up bride's younger brother.
11.00amArrival of bride's younger brother for bride's home visit.


Bride's younger brother to bring wedding basket filled with toiletries ( also called flower or oil basket).
11.30amBride to change for home visit.Groom to remove veil for bride.
11.45amBride leave for home visit.Bride's younger brother will also ride in bridal car.

Bring roast pig/ peanut candies or rice candies.

12.15pmLunch at bride's side.

Tea ceremony at bride's side.

1.30pmReturn to groom's home or go to church or check into hotel.Bring back head and tail of roast pig and other return gifts.

Bring wedding and evening gowns and other things needed for the wedding banquet to the hotel.

2pm to 4 pmRest and relax/ or church wedding.-
4.30pmGet ready for the wedding banquet.-
6.00pmFinal briefing for the wedding banquet.-
7.00pmCocktail reception/ Wedding banquet commences. -
Contact information:

Bride's address/telephone:

Groom's address/telephone:

Bridesmaids' telephones:

Bestmens' telephones:

Driver's telephone:

Photographers telephone:

Beautician's telephone:

Caterer's telephone:

Florist's telephone:

Hotel's telephone:

Banquet manager's telephone:

Musician's telephone:

Now that you have an idea of the suggested chinese wedding day program, you may want to review the suggested timeline for the chinese wedding.

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