Enter the groom's home

under his brother's pants!

chinese wedding custom

Before the bride enter the groom's home, the groom's family and friends will hide in the house to avoid clashing of luck. When the bride has entered the bridal room, the family and friends will return to the family hall.

Even if the newly married couple is not staying with the groom's family after marriage, a bridal room is still decorated. The bride will rest and change in the bridal room.

In the old days, the bride will enter the bridal chamber after the traditional chinese wedding ceremony and not leave it until the next morning.

But WHY under the elder brother’s pants?

The chinese believe that the proper sequence for marriage is elder before younger. If an elder brother is unmarried the younger groom is considered to have overtaken him.

The bride and groom will enter the groom's home under the elder brother's pants hung across the main door. This act of humility was so that they will not spite his unmarried status. They will also serve him tea during the tea ceremony to recognize his more superior position in the family.

The elder brother will leave the house to avoid the couple when they first enter the groom’s home. He will return once they are in the bridal room.

NB: A younger sister marrying before an older brother will also walk under the older brother's pants with her groom as they leave her parent's house for the groom's house on the chinese wedding day.

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